ArrowMax is a bio stimulant product that was designed to provide soil and plants a more efficient way to make nutrients more available and create healthier plants and soil.  With our one product method, ArrowMax has become a cost-efficient way to spoon feed crops. With no specific timing requirements, the ease of use has also become efficient as you can add ArrowMax during any application or crop timing. ArrowMax has been tested with various herbicide/fungicide and other foliar products for mixing compatibility.  

Humic acid is an integral part of ArrowMax. Humic acid is a chelator that helps buffer the salts in soil and helps balance the pH level. This helps nutrients and fertilizers become more available as the humic acid helps unlock nutrients from the soil. The closer you are to neutral pH, the easier and quicker your fertilizer and nutrients will get to the roots. This creates quicker uptake and emergence. Humic acid will help turn your soil into a sponge to obtain and hold water longer for stress situations that may occur during the growing season.

Fulvic acid/amino acids are bio stimulants that play a major role in the herbicide and flowering stages of the crop cycle. Fulvic acid is the main player in healthy plants. It will help open the plants cell membrane which helps nutrients and sugars get into the plants systemic food system. Amino acids work hand and hand with fulvic acid, and help with the uptake of calcium. In a healthy plant or healthy soil environment, calcium is king.  When high amounts of calcium are brought into a plant cell membrane they turn the water into a jelly like form called Pectin. This helps create a thicker cell wall which then enhances cell elongation. A thicker cell wall can hold more nutrients and pectin which helps with stressful situations in the crop year. A thicker cell wall and high pectin/high brix (sugar levels) plant can also protect itself from airborne diseases. Diseases try to penetrate the leaves, so when the cell walls are too thick and the sugars are too high, the plant will fight off the disease and grow through the infected area of the leaf. A healthy, high sugar plant with a brix level over 12 can start defending itself from insects. Insects DO NOT have a pancreas so they cannot digest sugar.  They will die or they will smell the sugars and find a lower sugar area to eat.

ArrowMax is a cost-efficient way to get a head start in the spring with our seed coating capability that will run you from 40-60 cents a bushel. Our in crop timing is anytime the sprayer is in the field, and recommended rate is 1 litre/acre. Minimum 2 applications for best results and highest brix levels.